Xtreme — Official Teaser

source:   youtube.com

added: Fri, May 7th ’21

Netflix has released the first official teaser for the upcoming hyper-stylized action movie from Spain, called “Xtreme.”

The thriller stars Spanish actor Teo Garcia, who also co-wrote the original story, as a retired hardened hitman who seeks to exact revenge on the person who murdered his son and father. And that person happens to be his own scumbag brother.

In addition to Garcia, the cast also includes Oscar Jaenada (The Losers), Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Rambo: Last Blood), Andrea Duro (Juan of the Dead), Oscar Casas (The Orphanage), Luis Zahera (Sky Rojo), and Alberto Jo Lee (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote).

The film is directed by Barcelona-born filmmaker Daniel Benmayor whose credits include directing the Taylor Lautner-starring, Parkour-inspired action thriller “Tracers.”

“Xtreme” is due to premiere on June 4th on Netflix.


Two years after the murder of his son and father, a retired hitman plots his revenge against the murderer: his own brother.


directed by   Daniel Benmayor

starring   Teo Garcia, Oscar Jaenada, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Andrea Duro, Oscar Casas, Luis Zahera, Alberto Jo Lee

release date   June 4, 2021 (on Netflix)


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