This Person Was Bored So She Created ‘You’ Characters in the Sims 4


The Netflix show ‘You’ has taken people by storm and they cannot get enough of this creepy thriller. ‘You’ centers around Joe Goldberg who always gets infatuated with specific women around him to the point where he becomes obsessive. The show is on it’s second season and has already been renewed for a third.

One Facebook user, Keri Lynn, has taken her love for ‘You’ and the Sims 4 to a whole new level by creating Joe Goldberg and the rest of the ‘You’ characters in the Sims 4 and placing them as her neighbors.

Lynn stated online that she was bored one day and decided to have some fun on the Sims 4, she even added creepy captions that pair perfectly with each ‘You’ character. Like the above which is captioned “Hey you…I see you looking through my pictures…laughing at your phone…well not really laughing, just maybe a small grin and a bit of air coming out of your nose…but on the inside, you’re laughing…I get it…I get you..I knew you’d like my pics…I knew you’d want to show your friends…luckily, I made it public so you can share…I did it for you…”

Of course Lynn didn’t leave out some Joe classics, like his glass box imprisonment or his creepy telescope that he spies on people with.

In the Sims 4, players are also able to give their characters specific traits and aspirations and Lynn did not fail with them. For Joe she set him up as a Serial Romantic with goals to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and to go on two dates.

Joe’s traits included being outgoing, ambitious, a bookworm, and alluring, all things that people can mutually agree is Joe from the show.

Of course Lynn did not leave out some of our favorite characters. Like Candace who has traits including self-assured, ambitious, evil, and dastardly.

Beck who is known to be creative, romantic, a bookworm, and a muser.

And lets not forget Love Quinn, our foodie, family-oriented, gloomy, and essence of flavor character.

Lynn also added a few interactions between her ‘You’ sims, like Candace yelling at Joe, Beck reading, and Love in her natural habitat, the kitchen.

The Facebook post has over 33,000 shares and over 100 comments. Overall it looked like Lynn had fun while messing around in the Sims 4 and she did a pretty fantastic job at replicating her Sims to match those of the ‘You’ characters. What do you think about her Sims 4 characters?

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