The Neighbor: Season 2 — Official Trailer


added: Fri, May 7th ’21

Check out the official trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s Spanish-language superhero comedy series “The Neighbor,” starring Barcelona-born actor Quim Gutierrez (upcoming “Jungle Cruise”) as a thirty-something slacker named Javier whose life changes when he mysteriously receives superpowers and tries to become a masked crime fighter.

Based on the comic book “El Vecino” by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez, the Netflix series also stars Clara Lago (The End), Catalina Sopelana (Matadero), Adrian Pino (Unit 7), and famed Spanish creature performer Javier Botet (IT, REC, Crimson Peak).

In Season 2 (the show’s final season), Javier is still trying to win over the favor of the people as a superhero named Titan. But Javier soon discovers he’s not alone as newly-minted superpowered rivals try to steal his spotlight.

Executive produced by showrunners Miguel Esteban and Raul Navarro, “The Neighbor: Season 2” is set to premiere on May 21st on Netflix.


Thirty-something Javier struggles to handle adulthood and his girlfriend. Maybe, he doesn’t want to handle it either. One day, his life suddenly changes when he receives the powers of a superhero. Based on the comic by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez.

Season 2: Just when Javi thinks he’s conquered being Earth’s superhero, challenges arise from an unlikely competitor … and some extraterrestrial visitors.


directed by   Ernesto Sevilla, Raul Navarro (various episodes)

starring   Quim Gutierrez, Clara Lago, Catalina Sopelana, Adrian Pino, Javier Botet, Sergio Momo, Jorge Sanz

release date   May 21, 2021 (on Netflix)

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