Netflix cancels musical-drama ‘Soundtrack’


Netflix is at it again with the cancelling of shows. This time, it’s even worse. Recently, it just cancelled a show that wasn’t even on the platform for a month.

Netflix’s just newly-released musical drama Soundtrack has been removed from the streaming platform. That’s some really bad news if you were a fan of the musical drama, correct? It premiered its first season on December and coming into the month of February, it’s gone. However, this isn’t really new for Netflix as the platform has already cancelled shows like Tuca & BertieChambersDaybreak, and No Good Nick after one season and after one month. Ones across the board!

Previously titled as Mixtape, Soundtrack was created by Josh Safran with the concept of lip-syncing hit songs. It wasn’t really liked by most critics and had quite the depressing 38% in Rotten Tomatoes. Sheesh. But those who viewed the show, though, loved it! You know how Netflix works and their rating system from audiences and quite frankly, Soundtrack scored 93% in that aspect. Maybe that would’ve been respectable enough to be kept?

Josh Safran is a big part of Soundtrack and a couple of other shows including Smash from NBC. According to the creator, the series might have had a hit in its creativeness––referring to it as a “big swing.” That’s the reason why the first season ended abruptly because of Safran’s urge to tie up the story already instead of leaving audiences wanting more for its potential second season. But nah, Netflix said nah.

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