More than 26 million people watched Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” on its first week on Netflix


Tyler Perry has a very respectable and impressive résumé, as we all know, and it’s only going to get better.

Just recently, Perry’s American thriller A Fall from Grace has been watched by 26 million people on its first week on Netflix. Considering its January 17 debut, Perry didn’t have an ounce of doubt for the success of the film. The multi-dimensional director posted on social media, proud of what he’s done.

26 million is quite the feat for Perry, the show, and the team. But they can certainly do more, so if you still haven’t a clue on what it’s about, maybe this will change your mind one way or another:

“I’ve always wanted my movies to open around the world, and that was the first time, so thank you Netflix. Thank you. I saw you all around the world watching, so thank you.”

No, Perry. Thank you. May you live long enough to produce, direct and act in films like these. You are a blessing to Hollywood.

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