Lansky — Official Trailer


added: Fri, May 28th ’21

Check out the official trailer for the new mob movie “Lansky,” which chronicles the life of famed New York mob boss Meyer Lansky, who was often referred to as “the Jewish Godfather” and had the reputation of being one of the most financially successful gangsters in American history due to his gambling empire.

Legendary character actor Harvey Keitel portrays an elderly Lansky, while John Magaro (First Cow, Unbroken) plays a young Lansky in flashback scenes.

“Avatar” actor Sam Worthington co-stars as a small-time journalist who has been given the chance to write Lansky’s life story for a book. The drama centers on his interviews with Lansky as he recounts his many criminal exploits concerning the “overworld.”

Co-starring Annasophia Robb, Minka Kelly, Jackie Cruz, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, and David James Elliott, the film is written and directed by indie filmmaker Eytan Rockaway, who previously made 2015’s horror movie “The Abandoned.”

“Lansky” is being released in theaters and on VOD on June 25th.


David Stone (Sam Worthington), a renowned but down-on-his-luck writer, desperately needs a break. His luck changes when he receives a surprise call from Meyer Lansky (Academy Award-nominee Harvey Keitel), the Jewish Godfather of organized crime. The retired gangster spins a dizzying tale, revealing the untold truth about his life as the notorious boss of Murder Inc. and the National Crime Syndicate. For decades, authorities have been trying to locate Lansky’s alleged fortune, hundreds of millions gone. This is their last chance to capture the aging gangster before he dies; but Lansky, as always, is one step ahead of the FBI, sending them on a wild chase, evading and outsmarting them at every turn.


directed by   Eytan Rockaway

starring   Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington, John Magaro, Annasophia Robb, Minka Kelly, Jackie Cruz, David James Elliott, Sandra Ellis Lafferty

release date   June 25, 2021 (in theaters and on VOD)

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