Georgetown — Official Trailer


added: Thu, Apr 29th ’21

Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz makes his directorial debut with “Georgetown,” for which an official trailer has been released.

In the new drama inspired by a true story, Waltz stars a smooth-talking, charismatic opportunist who finds himself running in the same social circles as the politically connected elites in Washington, D.C. after marrying a wealthy, well-connected, and much older D.C. socialite, played here by Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave.

Things get extra complicated when the elderly socialite is suddenly found murdered in her home, causing her daughter (played by Annette Bening) to suspect her new husband, Waltz’s character, as the murderer.

The film, which is based on the New York Times article “The Worst Marriage in Georgetown” by journalist Franklin Foer, is inspired by the murder case of Viola Herms Drath. Acclaimed playwright/screenwriter David Auburn (Proof) wrote the screenplay.

Co-starring Corey Hawkins and Laura de Carteret, “Georgetown” is hitting select theaters on May 14th before arriving on VOD on May 18th.

Academy Award Winners Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, and Academy Award Nominee Annette Bening deliver “outstanding performances” (Oleg Ivanov, Slant Magazine) in this thrilling true story filled with twists, turns, and political turmoil.

Waltz stars as Ulrich Mott, an eccentric and smooth-talking social climber who seems to have everyone in Washington, D.C. wrapped around his finger. But when his wealthy, well-connected, and much older wife (Redgrave) turns up dead in their home, her daughter Amanda (Bening) suspects Ulrich may not be all that he seems as the police investigation begins to uncover a larger deception that goes far deeper than anyone ever imagined.


directed by   Christoph Waltz (C. Waltz)

starring   Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, Annette Bening, Corey Hawkins, Laura de Carteret

release date   May 14, 2021 (in select theaters), May 18, 2021 (on VOD and Digital)

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